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Jindal SAW Ltd., is the flagship company of the US$ 20 billion O.P. Jindal Group.

Jindal SAW Ltd. is in a commanding position in India’s tubular market, being the undisputed leader with a turnover in excess of the US$ 7 billion.

Jindal SAW Ltd. has consistently created value by creating low-cost capacities in capital-intensive industries in businesses largely overlooked by other corporate.

In 2006, Jindal SAW Ltd. realigned itself by disposing off non-core business in the USA and focused its energies on the India growth story by launching several new initiatives.

The Jindal SAW Ltd. Management is extremely bullish on India and has launched several projects in the Capital-intensive Infrastructure vertical in India. India is one of the fastest growing economies in the world and to sustain this growth, the infrastructure in the country needs to scale up rapidly. Jindal SAW Ltd. wants to ride this infrastructure boom and given its pedigree and experience, it is well positioned to take advantage of the various opportunities being thrown up in this area.

With this objective, Jindal SAW Ltd. has recently launched its Jindal ITF (Infrastructure, Transportation, Fabrication) subsidiary.